My Calculator Collection

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February 2016
For those of you who have visited these pages before, I must apologise for the lack of new images.
I am still collecting novelty calculators but have had little time to document them.
I am hoping to update the pages on a more regular basis from now on.
My current collection consists of about 300 calculators (a few are duplicates), so there are plenty of pictures to add and it may take me some while to catch up.
Please be patient.

Latest Additions :-
Date Category Description
May 2008      Very Novel Star Trek Communicator, Harry Potter Book of Spells
Another 5 banknotes and a 35mm "film" calculator
Smarties Another 7 calculators  added
M & M's Another 3 calculators added
Matchbooks   Another 3 calculators added
Novelty Another 2 floppy disk calculators added
June 2008 Novelty 3 calculators looking like TV Remote controls
Sharp "Sparky" calculator(s)
Very Novel Another Egg-ulator (grey box, brown eggs)
2 Avon "Compact" calculators
Clapperboards - 1 Tyne Tees Television, 1 Universal Studios
Not a calculator   A badge depicting an LED version of the Little Professor calculator

Once upon a time...

A work colleague introduced me to selling on ebay for "fun and profit". I decided that I had many items in my loft which I no longer used but were too good to throw away, so I started selling them on ebay.

One of the items I sold was a Pye P-640 calculator. It was about 30 years old, still in working order and had its power unit and instructions (but unfortunately no box). The person who bought this calculator invited me to join an eBay Community group for those interested in collecting vintage calculators. That was the start! Instead of selling my "junk" on eBay I started accumulating more!

I don't have an interest in any particular makes or models of calculator, but what started me off on my "theme" was a couple of old novelty calculators that my sister had bought me for Christmas or birthday presents some years ago. One was in the shape of an old gramophone and the other had a clear plastic case allowing you to see the circuit board. My theme was to become "novelty" calculators. I have since bought quite a number of them off eBay.

On the next few pages are photos of the start of my collection. I have photographed them before carefully storing them away. Removal of the battery is essential. You don't want the battery, while in storage, to leak and corrode the battery contacts or circuit board! It's also a wise move to record what size and type of battery the calculator takes and which way it is inserted. In a few years time I probably won't remember.

I have tried to categorise my collection as best I can.

If you have any novelty calculators that you don't see in my collection, that you no longer need, I may be interested in buying them. Click on the email link below and let me know what you have.

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